[NAS] Bench Thecus N4100+

I’ve received today the Thecus N4100+. I have put in it four Seagate Barracuda 7200 – 1TB. It took around 48 hours to complete the RAID 5 Initialization. Seems to do the trick.


  • default WAN IP = higher ethernet port =
  • default LAN IP = lower ethernet port =

Note : modules (Apache+PHP, NFS, Printer…) are available on website.


Here’s the bench (on MacPro early2008 – Mac OS X 10.5.5):


  • SMB = W 5.5MB/s ; R 19.9MB/s
  • SMB Jumbo 4000 = W 5.7MB/s ; R 21.1MB/s
  • SMB Jumbo 7000 = W 5.7MB/s ; R 23.1MB/s
  • AFP = W 5.7MB/s ; R 9.4MB/s
  • AFP Jumbo 4000 = W 5.9MB/s ; R 10MB/s
  • Could not test NFS as I couldn’t make it work properly (Time Out)


(using AJA System Test)





SMB with Jumbo Frame 4000B :


SMB with Jumbo Frame 7000B:


AFP with Jumbo Frame 7000B :


~ by d4corp on 17 November 2008.

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