Blackmagic Decklink FCS Display Errors


  • “Unable to initialize OpenGL. Make sure Video Desktop is disabled.”


  • “• Pour le bon fonctionnement de Final Cut Pro, il est recommandé que votre système soit doté de 64 Mo de mémoire VRAM ; hors, il n’en dispose que de 0 Mo.”
  • “• Final Cut Pro recommends that your system have 64 MB of VRAM; this system has only 0 MB of VRAM.”
  • Quartz Extreme errors


Basically those errors mean that FCS is trying to use the Decklink Video Desktop as a regular display.

Solution:  For best results, you shouldn’t use the Decklink as an extended desktop. Switch in Systeme Preferences / Decklink the “When not playing video, send :” preference to “Black” or “Last Played Frame” :


If you _really_ need the Decklink Extended desktop, make sure that :

  • The primary display is connected to the first DVI output
  • Video mirroring is deactivated in System Preferences / Monitors




~ by d4corp on 18 November 2008.

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